I am dying to reply to your latest post, however my laptop charger has decided that its time has come and has stopped working.

I am cheekily charging my laptop at the Apple Store right now because I really need access to some of the information for the publication of my final show. It turns out nobody has the long, thin Macbook charger anymore – instead everyone has the squared one now – so I haven’t been able to find one single person from whom I can charge my Mac.

I am currently trying to live off 100£ per week as a personal test (I know 100£ sounds very reasonable but London is an expensive place), so as to become more aware on what we spend our money today and what we actually buy for need and what for desire. I watched the TED talk you sent me and it really inspired me to question how much money I spend on things per week. I now leave my credit card at home and ‘survive’ off 100£ that I cash out on Saturday mornings. I have spent 35£ so far and the charger is 65£, which means that I would have to live off 0£ for the next 6 days, something I really don’t wish to do. I can’t therefore buy my charger until next week, and then I will have to live from 35£ for 6 days!!!

I will try to reply to you tomorrow from the university library. So much to say!


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