(Please read Turning Pages’ new letter to understand what I mean by ‘SEED’)!


  1. Love SEED! I know you met Kiyomi when you were here – we visited her MFA Thesis Show. Did you also meet Michael? He’s been doing lots of garden / plant / compost / tea related projects. I should message you all with an introduction! 😀

    1. Hey! I thought of them both when I came up with the project. Unfortunately I am not allowed to set up a cafe or communal kitchen fully on my own terms due to health and safety reasons, so we’re having to collaborate with the Student Union which have offered us a space to carry out our idea with the condition that they serve coffee/tea/cakes/salad. I don’t know how I feel about this because I’m so sick of being overcharged for simple things like coffee or tea, or even a tiny salad. However it feels like it’s the only way to do at least some of the things we want…

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