1. haha, yes Marta, it’s a 2010, I’ll be driving it till at least 2020, or probably 2030! 😀 I’ll try to take a picture of myself in it later today and post it. Have you ever owned a car? Will you ever? It’s interesting how young people, couchsurfers, and travelers seem to be so Uber today. In a city like Los Angeles cars are pretty essential, but maybe the coming age of Driverless Uber will change all that.

      1. I think by 2030 petrol stations won’t be around anymore… There will be some sort of futuristic way of driving! Yes, I have always owned a car in Spain, since I was 16. In Spain young people can drive electric cars that go up to 50km/h from the age of 16, and then at 18 we get our proper license. I sold both of my cars though, it was pointless after I moved to London! I was driving a moped in India though, and I drive my bike here in London!

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