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  1. I love the expression “cultural producers”
    I love the term “responsible art”
    Michael’s work is absolutely beautiful and the fact that he spent two years working on it makes it even more inspiring for me. I have been thinking a lot about how much time we spend on art, and precisely on each artwork that we make. I am so sick of artists that resemble machines without taking so many other factors into consideration (the paint that they use, the toxicity of turpentine, the environment that they create in their studio, and also the place in themselves from where their art comes from) – this is really getting to me this year. The seminars we are having are also really shocking, so dehumanising. The way we speak about art today, and the way we analyse it, it’s just completely removing the human being from the work of art, hence why it’s so difficult to find a relation between the way we live and the way we make. It’s almost like one doesn’t feed the other, which proves why most of contemporary artists today feel like they can’t bring change into the world or society. They’ve also been numbed by it, another product of capitalism.
    I am researching ‘outsider art’ a lot these days. It feels so much more real and genuine to me than most of the stuff coming out of my studio mates. It’s funny how everyone envies their beautiful creations though, maybe we’re the mad ones..
    I love Natalia’s show, congratulate her from me, it’s really admirable and it has made me very happy!!! Social, real, conscious, useful, and responsible. YES!

    Marta Troya

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