The return to London has been both easy and difficult. I am very happy to be back and the weather right now is unbelievably good, so I’m really enjoying spending time on the boat these days. At the same time, returning to London (and normality) after such a life-changing experience in the desert has been quite a challenge. I have really been questioning what home is for me, and if I necessarily need a home to stay happy. I’ve been thinking about what I really need in life, and I’m currently doing a lot of projects in relation to these thoughts.

I gave a lot of my stuff away when I came back, and I viewed several campervans, however they all felt a little overwhelming. Although they connote freedom, I still think that owning one would be such a big attachment and responsibility, so I rejected all the offers. I have also thought a lot about you in terms of glasses vs. contact lenses, because I have found that having daily contact lenses is such a burden while living off your backpack. Glasses would be so much more convenient!

Lately I have been considering doing house sitting for the whole of next year, taking care of other people’s homes when they’re on holiday and living for free. This way I could really question what home means for different people; what constitutes a home today; what we actually need; and where home really is for me. As for now, instead of going house-viewing, I have gone bag-viewing, and I chose this backpack afterall:

I liked it because the zipper goes all the way down, making it feel more like suitcase than a bag. Because of this it is easier to view what you have, and access all parts of your “home”. Inside I carry my toothbrush, contact lenses, soap, swimwear, laptop, etc. I have also made some alterations in order to relate to it as the place where I live. It is currently looking like this:

At the same time I would be constructing my own home prototypes at my studio at the RCA, based on the feelings I experience while being houseless. I have decided not to defer by the way. I came back and I suddenly felt really ready for it. I think I have many questions to ask in my practice and it feels like now is the right time to investigate them. Moreover, because I’ve been living so hectically, it feels almost as though I’ve taken a gap year already, so I don’t think I “need” one so desperately. In fact I really want to investigate what you are saying about social practice: “a space where you can focus on fine art ideas, and be culturally inclusive at the same time.” I think that’s precisely where both my interests and my struggles are at the moment. Similarly to how Brian Davis thinks of juicing as art, I’ve been considering “painting as thinking; living as practice.”

I enjoy reading about your adventures and journeys. Your drive along Highway 101 sounds really beautiful. I wish I had had more time to explore the US while I was there… Although I don’t know if I would’ve been able to see much at all if I had sayed with you! I think we would’ve talked for days on end!

Did you get the idea of Trackable Things from that price tag you found? I love the idea! I feel like you’re always working on something, it’s so great to meet an adult that’s so excited about the world. I especially like the tracked objects, like Water Fountain; and I noticed the LA river trails while I was there. I found them horrible. Flood Control Rivers? When does LA flood?! I didn’t know there were Japanese Gardens in CSULB! That’s amazing! I remember falling in love with the Japanese Gardens in SF…

I don’t really know what the word ‘entropy’ means. I have looked for its meaning on the dictionary but that never helps. I feel like words can’t explain the meaning of other words. Nonetheless I have searched for Zen Entropy Garden on Google, and came up! I love the Blue Shift -5 piece! Did you make it?

Good bye Glenn, it’s great to write to you and read you! Keep tracking! I too believe that documenting may perhaps not be so much about wanting to grasp that moment so badly, but more about saving that experience in order to understand the journey better later.

Love from London,


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