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We’re Marta Troya in London, and Glenn Zucman in Los Angeles. Thank you for visiting our conversation about art & life, or our studio exchange in the cloud.


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Thank You!

If you’re reading these words, thank you!

Indulgent as it may seem, we do want to thank each other for choosing to engage in this conversation and to share ideas. When radio came on the scene about a century ago peeps said things like,

the breadth of The Atlantic is as nothing

With our tools today the breadth of The Atlantic and the width of the planet are as nothing. And yet ideas that mean something to the sender or recipient are not instantaneous. And we are still human. Face-to-face encounters still have a compelling palpability. Even so, we’re here to see what sort of conversation in cyberspace we can have. What sort of virtual studio exchange we can experience. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Thank you to the open source Ghost Project for our writing platform. The theme for this site is Nuevo by EstudioPatagon. We customized the look of Nuevo and they were ridiculously fast at answering all our questions.